Two nights ago, around 9 p.m., a large number of Ainsworth residents were stunned to see the night light up with a strange bluish-purple flash of light that moved from quickly from east to west across the city of Ainsworth.

The traveling fireball was caught on video by as many as 20 residents from various vantage points around town. Numerous calls were placed to the police regarding the rapidly-moving light until it vanished after a couple of minutes over a hill on the outskirts of western Ainsworth.

The National Weather Service also picked up on the strange phenomenon streaking across the sky on their GOES satellite system and, after contacting NASA, issued a statement today hypothesizing that it was most likely a meteorite, although they are unable to absolutely make a confirmation.

It has been the talk of the town for the past two days as Ainsworth residents, who actually witnessed the amazing sight, have been speculating on what they saw. Many dismiss the meteorite theory, stating that it was unlike any meteor shower they ever saw in the past. One man described it as “a bright ball of energy that flew over the Ainsworth sky and lit it up like stadium lights.” Some have gone so far as to say they believe they saw a bona fide UFO. However, other more skeptical residents think it was nothing more than a particularly bright meteorite. While the truth may never be known, one thing’s for sure: it was a definitely a night to remember.