The votes are in and Travel Log Magazine’s List of the Top 10 Friendliest Cities in the United States has just come out in their current issue. The list was based on votes from their substantial readership and it turns out that the Carolinas have done very well. Let’s hear it for our great city of Ainsworth, North Carolina which ranked Number 2 on that list, second only to Charleston, South Carolina.

While “friendliness” was broadly measured by how welcome people felt in different cities, the magazine first used extensive data to rank the cities in various categories such as: neighborhood stability and home ownership; low crime rate; charitable giving by residents; civic engagement in community projects; cultural and ethnic diversity; and educational levels, to name just a few.

It then finalized its poll by seeking specific and detailed input from its readers regarding additional factors that make a visitor feel welcome when visiting the city such as the hospitality, warmth, helpfulness and politeness of its residents. Some of the top positive quotes concerning the welcoming nature of Ainsworth were:

“Everyone we encountered had an easygoing, friendly attitude and people actually smile at you.”

“People will strike up a conversation with you in most places.”

“Southern hospitality is alive and well in Ainsworth.”

“I can’t explain it – the city just had a great vibe to it.”

In the words of Mayor Nolan when given the news of Ainsworth’s ranking on the list: “Ainsworth is proud of this wonderful recognition. We will strive to continue to live up to the honor of being named a Top-10 Friendly City to all who come to visit us. To the wonderful residents of Ainsworth, I say give yourselves a well-deserved congratulations.”